4560 3630 3990
HP: 4
Max level: 80 (60) Max kizuna bonus: 500 (250) XP to max level: 36800 Sale price: 360000G
1 -
+ 60 80
Total Trick
Every 20 notes: 36..50% chance to raise the accuracy of great notes for 2.0..5.5 seconds.
At skill level
+ Max
Leader Skill Smile Heart
Raise the team's Smile by 6%.
This card
76thhighest Smile
170thhighest Pure
134thhighest Cool
Cards of Konoe Kanata
Other cards with the skill トータルトリック
First seen on 2019-11-18, according to internal logs.
Skill activates
(listen) Beddy-bye time...
Home screen (during cameo appearance) (untransformed) Home screen (during cameo appearance) (transformed) Home screen (during cameo appearance) (level maxed)
(listen) I'm working hard and improving a lot as an idol! But it's kind of tiring...
Home screen (during cameo appearance) (kizuna maxed) Home screen (during cameo appearance) (kizuna + level max)
(listen) Hmm, you've got bags under your eyes. I recommend a long nap! With me!
After live cleared
(listen) I'm a good girl.
After live failure
(listen) I didn't get enough sleep.
After live begins
(listen) Good nigh—I mean, I'm gonna do my best!
Gaining kizuna
(listen) This is missing a certain...fluffiness. I need more fluff!
Hitting max kizuna (kizuna maxed)
(listen) Recently I feel like sleeping all the time is kind of a waste... This is all your fault!
After transforming (transformed) Any time (transformed) Any time (level maxed) Any time (kizuna maxed) Any time (kizuna + level max)
(listen) The brain processes information while asleep. That's why it's best to sleep right after lessons!
When touched
(listen) Zz... Five more...hours...
When touched
(listen) Hmm? I'm awake! Geez!
Any time
(listen) Zz... No... Not....sleepy... Zzz... Okay, maybe I am...
Any time
(listen) All right! Today I'm bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! Let's do this...! Zz...
Any time (untransformed)
(listen) Zz... Ah? No, I wasn't sleeping! I was just experimenting with a long blink.
Any time (kizuna maxed) Any time (kizuna + level max)
(listen) Once I started school idol lessons, I've been really fired up! Huh? What do you mean you don't believe me?
When date is 1-1 to 12-31
(listen) Heh heh, it's time for singing practice!