1760 3920 2300
HP: 4
Max level: 60 (40) Max kizuna bonus: 200 (100) XP to max level: 13500 Sale price: 123120G
1 -
+ 60
Total Charm
Every 20 notes: 36..50% chance to add 220..420 score points.
At skill level
+ Max
Leader Skill Pure Power
Raise the team's Pure by 3%.
This card
331sthighest Smile
159thhighest Pure
283rdhighest Cool
Cards of Shibuya Kanon
Other cards with the skill トータルチャーム
First seen on 2021-08-15, according to internal logs.
Skill activates
(listen) せーのっ!
Home screen (during cameo appearance)
(listen) If I could have a wish granted, I want many different people to hear my songs! Or something like that!
After live cleared
(listen) やったー!完走したね!
After live failure
(listen) 次は絶対うまくいく…!
After live begins
(listen) 歌える……歌える!
Gaining kizuna
(listen) いい感じ!
Hitting max kizuna (kizuna maxed)
(listen) こんな事言うのって照れちゃうけど……大好きだよ
When touched
(listen) Do you need help with anything?
When touched
(listen) Hm? Did you call for me?
When touched
(listen) What's up?
When touched
(listen) Stop iiiiiit! That tickles!
When touched
(listen) Eep! You scared me...
When touched
(listen) Need anything?
When touched
(listen) H-Hey!
When touched
(listen) Stop! Stop iiit!
Any time
(listen) My home is a cafe! Come by for something to drink if you'd like!
Any time
(listen) I'm in top condition! I can sing whenever!
Any time
(listen) All right, then. I'll do my best to write the rest of this song!
Any time (transformed) Any time (level maxed) Any time (kizuna maxed) Any time (kizuna + level max)
(listen) The town I live in is pretty bright, even at night, so I'm happy for times when I can see the stars clearly.
Any time (kizuna maxed) Any time (kizuna + level max)
(listen) Hey, look! I saw a shooting star just now! My wish is, um... Oh no! The shooting star disappeared.
When date is 3-1 to 5-31
(listen) The sun is so warm... *Yawn*
When date is 6-1 to 8-31
(listen) I-It's so hot... I'd love an iced cafe au lait.
When date is 9-1 to 11-30
(listen) This season really is so comfortable. It's also great for making progress in my songwriting!
When date is 12-1 to 2-29
(listen) S-So cold... I want to have a hot cafe au lait.
When date is 9-21
(listen) It's the harvest moon today, huh? The night breeze feels so good... Oh, I thought of a good phrase just now!
When date is 9-28
(listen) It's Sumire's birthday today! I think she said she wanted some galaxy-themed knick-knacks.
When date is 10-30 to 1-9
(listen) It's time for the real deal, I'm so nervous. I'm going to sing for all the people who support Liella!
When date is 10-31
(listen) Keke's chasing us! She said that if we don't give her treats, she'll draw on our faces as a trick!
When date is 11-24
(listen) It's Ren's birthday today! All of us in Liella! have planned a surprise for her.
When date is 12-25
(listen) Merry Christmas! I borrowed the cafe's oven and made some roast chicken!
When date is 12-31
(listen) For the next year and even the years after that, I hope to always keep on sharing songs!
When date is 1-1
(listen) Happy New Year! I'm so happy we could be together on New Year's too!
When date is 2-3
(listen) Ogres, out! Good fortune, in! Wait, why do we scatter beans like this? Do ogres hate beans or something?
When date is 2-14
(listen) I saw some delicious-looking chocolates for sale. I couldn't help myself and bought some! Want one?
When date is 2-25
(listen) It's Chisato's birthday today! Maybe I should give her some rooound merch as her present again.
When date is 3-3
(listen) You know, Hina dolls look a little scary when you see them at night...
When date is 3-14
(listen) This is your return gift for Valentine's? Um, are you sure I can have it? Thanks!
When date is 5-1
(listen) It's my birthday today! I'm gonna get mom to bake me a cake!
When date is 5-5
(listen) Children's Day, huh. Reminds me of how I used to play with Chisato in our local park.
When date is 7-7
(listen) Someday, I want Liella! to shine as bright as the Milky Way!
When date is 7-17
(listen) It's Keke's birthday! I wonder how you say happy birthday in Chinese?
When date is 7-18
(listen) Today is Sea Day! Drink lots of fluids and give it your all!