1860 3950 2180
HP: 4
Max level: 60 (40) Max kizuna bonus: 200 (100) XP to max level: 13500 Sale price: 123120G
1 -
+ 60
Timer Trick
Every 10 seconds: 36..50% chance to raise the accuracy of great notes for 2.0..5.5 seconds.
At skill level
+ Max
Leader Skill Pure Power
Raise the team's Pure by 3%.
This card
321sthighest Smile
156thhighest Pure
295thhighest Cool
Cards of Tang Keke
Other cards with the skill タイマートリック
First seen on 2021-08-15, according to internal logs.
Skill activates
(listen) ええいっ!
Home screen (during cameo appearance)
(listen) Living the life of a school idol that I've always dreamed of! It makes my heart pound with excitement!
After live cleared
(listen) やりました!
After live failure
(listen) やっちまったぁ、デス……!
After live begins
(listen) いきマスよ!
Gaining kizuna
(listen) 満ち満ちる!デス!
Hitting max kizuna (kizuna maxed)
(listen) 可可と、ずーっと一緒にいてください!約束デス!
When touched
(listen) Leave it all to me!
When touched
(listen) Hm? Did you want to see me?
When touched
(listen) What's up?
When touched
(listen) Aaahahahaha! That tickles!
When touched
(listen) You scared me to death!
When touched
(listen) Hm?
When touched
(listen) Geez, what is it?!
When touched
(listen) You're going way! Too! Overboard!
Any time
(listen) Japan is full of cute things. It's so much fun!
Any time
(listen) Leave all of the cute costumes and props to me!
Any time
(listen) I came to Japan to be a school idol!
Any time (transformed) Any time (level maxed) Any time (kizuna maxed) Any time (kizuna + level max)
(listen) I came to Japan and immediately found a troupe of school idol friends! I'm so blessed!
Any time (kizuna maxed) Any time (kizuna + level max)
(listen) Commit Liella! to memory. We are the school idols of Yuigaoka, "Liella!"! Thank you for your support!
When date is 3-1 to 5-31
(listen) I want to sing under the cherry blossoms! I want to do a blossom-viewing live show tour all over Japan!
When date is 6-1 to 8-31
(listen) We absolutely cannot go without sunscreen in summer! A school idol's skin is as precious as her life!
When date is 9-1 to 11-30
(listen) Fall is great for a lot of things, like food, sports, art...and school idols!
When date is 12-1 to 2-29
(listen) Lozenges are a winter essential! Our throats are very important to us school idols.
When date is 9-21
(listen) The moon is so beautiful. Whether I'm looking at it from China or Japan, it still looks the same.
When date is 9-28
(listen) Oh right, today is Sumire's birthday.
When date is 10-30 to 1-9
(listen) At last! The day of the live show has finally arrived! I can't hold back the excitement!
When date is 10-31
(listen) If you don't give me candy, I'm going to draw on your face!
When date is 11-24
(listen) Today is Ren's birthday! Everyone in Liella! is planning a surprise for her!
When date is 12-25
(listen) Merry Christmas! Hey, Santa? I've been a good girl all year!
When date is 12-31
(listen) To finish off the year, would you like to have some New Year's Eve soba noodles with me?
When date is 1-1
(listen) Happy New Year! Please keep supporting me this year!
When date is 2-3
(listen) Heh heh heh... I got Sumire to put on an ogre mask, so I can throw as many beans as I want!
When date is 2-14
(listen) Today's the day where we can eat as much chocolate as we like, right? Wait, it's not?
When date is 2-25
(listen) Today's Chisato's birthday! I plan on giving her something rooound for her present.
When date is 3-3
(listen) Today is also known as the Peach Festival, right? Peaches are used to ward off evil in China too.
When date is 3-14
(listen) Today's the day where we receive lots of white chocolate, right? Wait, it's not?
When date is 5-1
(listen) Happy birthday, Kanon! You're the beeeeest!
When date is 5-5
(listen) Wow, look at these carp streamers! I'm going to make one with a Liella! theme!
When date is 7-7
(listen) My wish is... Ahhh! Who said you can look?! I'll cast a curse on you!
When date is 7-17
(listen) Today is my birthday! Gifts are welcome!
When date is 7-18
(listen) If you have a Sea Day in Japan, does that mean there is also a Mountain Day?