2340 1790 3860
HP: 5
Max level: 90 (70) Max kizuna bonus: 750 (375) XP to max level: 56657 Sale price: 507600G
1 -
+ 90
Perfect Charm
Every 15 perfects: 36..50% chance to add 200..400 score points.
At skill level
+ Max
Leader Skill Cool Power
Raise the team's Cool by 3%.
This card
278thhighest Smile
335thhighest Pure
163rdhighest Cool
Cards of Ayase Eli
Other cards with the skill パーフェクトチャーム
First seen on 2022-03-31, according to internal logs.
Skill activates
(listen) Let's go!
Home screen (during cameo appearance) (transformed) Home screen (during cameo appearance) (level maxed) Home screen (during cameo appearance) (kizuna maxed) Home screen (during cameo appearance) (kizuna + level max)
(listen) Do you think you could make a little time, just for me?
After live cleared
(listen) Of course, it comes with hard work.
After live failure
(listen) I think there's still so much I can do.
After live begins
(listen) Let's go.
Gaining kizuna
(listen) Thanks!
Hitting max kizuna (kizuna maxed)
(listen) You're going to treasure me for life, right?
Any time (transformed)
(listen) We want to show everyone just how we feel.
Any time (kizuna maxed)
(listen) But I'm actually serious about being a school idol.
When date is 3-1 to 5-31
(listen) It's good when it's warm.
When date is 6-1 to 8-31
(listen) It's easy to lose focus when it's hot, but you've got to pay attention.
When date is 9-1 to 11-30
(listen) There's so many school events this time of year...
When date is 12-1 to 2-29
(listen) You take good care of yourself, OK?
When date is 6-9
(listen) Happy birthday, Nozomi! I can't thank you enough for always looking out for me. Here's to another year.
When date is 7-7
(listen) Time to collect everyone's wishes... This is where we find out which way the student council leans.
When date is 7-22
(listen) Happy birthday, Nico! Here's to many more days of big Nico smiles.
When date is 8-3
(listen) Happy birthday, Honoka! I hope we'll have another year of your charming songs.
When date is 9-21
(listen) There's a full moon out tonight. I'm no Nozomi, but I feel power in the way it shines.
When date is 9-12
(listen) Happy birthday, Kotori! We'd better get ready for your party. Today, you're our princess.
When date is 10-21
(listen) Oh... You remembered my birthday? That's so nice of you. Let's walk home together.
When date is 10-31
(listen) Halloween is here. There aren't actually kids who want to be tricked, right?
When date is 11-1
(listen) Happy birthday, Rin! Err... is that a...ramen plushie?
When date is 12-25
(listen) Merry Christmas! Being here with you is a good enough present for me.
When date is 12-31
(listen) The year's almost over. Let's make next year even better.
When date is 1-1
(listen) Happy New Year! Hey, now, don't fall asleep yet. Let's go visit a shrine.
When date is 1-17
(listen) Hanayo, happy birthday! I love how you always do things your way.
When date is 2-3
(listen) You have to put all your effort into throwing the beans to keep away the demons. Demons out! Teehee!
When date is 2-14
(listen) Shop windows are always full of hearts around Valentine's Day. It makes me really happy!
When date is 3-3
(listen) Huh? The emperor's costume would suit me? Heehee, I guess that wouldn't be so bad.
When date is 3-14
(listen) Heehee! I found cute White Day cookies, so I couldn't help buying them. Do you want some?
When date is 3-15
(listen) Happy birthday, Umi! Your stability is indispensable to μ's.
When date is 4-19
(listen) Maki, you might look like an aloof beauty, but your heart burns fiercely. Happy birthday!
When date is 5-5
(listen) Hehehe... I love seeing them running around all excited for Children's Day. They're so precious.
When date is 7-7
(listen) It's sad that Orihime and Hikoboshi can only meet on the day of the Star Festival. The gods can be so cruel.
When date is 7-22
(listen) Hanayo and I baked Nico a birthday cake. She needs a cake that's as cute as she is!
When date is 8-3
(listen) Honoka, not a day goes by when you don't give us the courage to carry on. Happy birthday.
When date is 9-12
(listen) Happy birthday, Kotori! I believe the way you work so hard every day is what's made you so kind...and cute!
When date is 9-21
(listen) Kotori said I look just like Princess Kaguya. Maybe I'll scoop her up and take her to the moon with me!
When date is 10-21
(listen) Today's my birthday. I'm so grateful to my family for raising me, and my friends for celebrating with me!
When date is 10-31
(listen) Halloween's origins were about driving away evil spirits. Be gone, demons! Hee, hee, do I sound like Nozomi?
When date is 11-1
(listen) Happy birthday, Rin! I'm so glad you're around to brighten up the mood in μ's every day!
When date is 12-25
(listen) Merry Christmas! Santa Elichika has a present just for you.
When date is 12-31
(listen) I know you wanna stay up all night to ring in the new year, but it's important to rest. Don't overdo it.
When date is 1-1
(listen) Training on New Year's morning is too much? I just want to enjoy the first moments of a brand-new year.
When date is 1-17
(listen) Hanayo, you put your heart and soul into everything you do. I wish you a very beautiful birthday!
When date is 2-3
(listen) We'll eat one bean for each year and start things off nice and healthy. Here's your share!
When date is 2-14
(listen) Have you gotten any chocolate yet? No? Good. Here, a present for you!
When date is 3-3
(listen) When I was little, I wanted to be a Hina doll when I grew up. Hey, did you just laugh?
When date is 3-14
(listen) Your presence is enough payment for Valentine's Day. Err, never mind. That was a little embarrassing, huh?
When date is 3-15
(listen) Kind, refined, with an unwavering will. You're the epitome of a fine Japanese lady, Umi. Happy Birthday!
On your birthday
(listen) Happy birthday! I've got something amazing prepared for you to celebrate, so look forward to that!