2310 3850 1820
HP: 5
Max level: 90 (70) Max kizuna bonus: 750 (375) XP to max level: 56657 Sale price: 507600G
1 -
+ 90
Rhythmical Charm
Every 17× combo: 36..50% chance to add 200..400 score points.
At skill level
+ Max
Leader Skill Pure Power
Raise the team's Pure by 3%.
This card
281sthighest Smile
166thhighest Pure
327thhighest Cool
Cards of Tojo Nozomi
Other cards with the skill リズミカルチャーム
First seen on 2022-03-31, according to internal logs.
Skill activates
(listen) Let's go!
Home screen (during cameo appearance) (transformed) Home screen (during cameo appearance) (level maxed) Home screen (during cameo appearance) (kizuna maxed) Home screen (during cameo appearance) (kizuna + level max)
(listen) If you don't call on me, then fortune will run from you...
After live cleared
(listen) This makes it worth all of the effort we put in!
After live failure
(listen) We have to try all over again.
After live begins
(listen) All right, let's go!
Gaining kizuna
(listen) Thanks for the power!
Hitting max kizuna (kizuna maxed)
(listen) Just like the fortune predicted.
Any time (transformed)
(listen) Do you think I'll be able to introduce everyone to my power?
Any time (kizuna maxed)
(listen) Your fortune is that you should keep pushing forward.
When date is 3-1 to 5-31
(listen) When it's this warm, I just want to take it easy.
When date is 6-1 to 8-31
(listen) It's so hot...huh? No, I don't plan on taking my clothes off here.
When date is 9-1 to 11-30
(listen) Fall is for telling fortunes! Just kidding! Fortunes can be told all year long!
When date is 12-1 to 2-29
(listen) Even if it's cold, we should be cheerful!
When date is 6-9
(listen) Today's my birthday. I need to thank the gods for blessing and protecting me for another year.
When date is 7-7
(listen) Have no fear. I wished for the two star-crossed lovers to meet.
When date is 7-22
(listen) Today's Nico-cchi's birthday? Just joking, of course I remember. Let's celebrate!
When date is 8-3
(listen) Hey, Honoka, happy birthday! Let's all go get something good to eat.
When date is 9-21
(listen) The Moon Festival is a time for prayer and honoring the harvest. The moon makes dumplings yummy!
When date is 9-12
(listen) Happy birthday, Kotori! Just seeing you fills me with happiness.
When date is 10-21
(listen) Today's Eli's birthday. We made a ginormous cake for her in secret.
When date is 10-31
(listen) Trick or treat! Anyone who doesn't have candy for me gets a super bear hug!
When date is 11-1
(listen) Do you remember what day is today? It's Rin's birthday! Let's all throw her a huge party!
When date is 12-25
(listen) If you try to stay up all night waiting for Santa, he won't show, remember?
When date is 12-31
(listen) Looks like we'll end the year on a good note. I'm grateful to the gods and everyone who's been there for me.
When date is 1-1
(listen) Happy New Year! I'm off to pay my respects to the gods. Gotta start the year off right!
When date is 1-17
(listen) It's Hanayo's birthday today! Did everyone bring rice balls?
When date is 2-3
(listen) Demons hate sardines and holly. Here, put this on and fight!
When date is 2-14
(listen) If you need to confess your love to someone, I'll give you a power injection.
When date is 3-3
(listen) If Eli is the emperor, I should be the empress? No, umm.... maybe one of the courtiers?
When date is 3-14
(listen) It's White Day! I'm hoping to hear lots of good reports.
When date is 3-15
(listen) Happy birthday Umi! You are a dependable person, but your little flaws are cute!
When date is 4-19
(listen) Maki, happy birthday! I think you're so cute when you can't be honest with your feelings.
When date is 5-5
(listen) Hooray, hooray, it's Children's Day! Let's let our inner children out and play!
When date is 7-7
(listen) As I gaze up at the night sky, I think of you as I write a poem... Well, not really. I wish I could, though.
When date is 7-22
(listen) Nico-Nico-Ni! Never lose that little bit of brattiness, Nico-cchi. It's one of the things we love about you!
When date is 8-3
(listen) Honoka once said she'd like to be buried under a mountain of bread. Today I make her wish come true!
When date is 9-12
(listen) Happy birthday, Princess Kotori! We'll escort you to the party, so please enjoy yourself!
When date is 9-21
(listen) I always feel a kind of power coming from the moonlight, but the harvest moon's light is extra-special.
When date is 10-21
(listen) It's your birthday, Eli. I wanna see that beautiful smile of yours lots and lots today!
When date is 10-31
(listen) It's Halloween, but I don't have any I guess I'll hand out bear hugs instead!
When date is 11-1
(listen) Ah, ha, ha! Singing the Happy Birthday song to yourself is just like you, Rin. Happy birthday!
When date is 12-25
(listen) This year, Eli is Santa, and I'm her reindeer. We're bringing happiness and joy to everyone!
When date is 12-31
(listen) *Snore* Bwuh? I'm not sleeping. Totally not sleeping. It's New Year's Eve!
When date is 1-1
(listen) Happy New Year! I wish you a year full of happiness and good fortune!
When date is 1-17
(listen) Hanayo, you're kind, you're cute, you're bright and cheery! I hope this next year's your best one yet.
When date is 2-3
(listen) You're supposed to eat a bean for each year at Setsubun. I'll pray that good fortune finds you!
When date is 2-14
(listen) I got you some chocolate. Eat some and you'll remember me for the rest of your life!
When date is 3-3
(listen) We just shape the chirashi sushi like so, and...we have a chirashi sushi cake for the Hina festival!
When date is 3-14
(listen) Aww, a teddy bear cookie! I should've gotten something to return your returning the favor from Valentine's!
When date is 3-15
(listen) U-mi! U-mi! The lyrical mastermind behind μ's, Umi Sonoda, celebrates her birthday today!
On your birthday
(listen) Happy birthday! I brought you a good luck charm. I hope you'll always think of me and keep it close.