3950 2180 1860
HP: 5
Max level: 90 (70) Max kizuna bonus: 750 (375) XP to max level: 56657 Sale price: 507600G
1 -
+ 90
Timer Trick
Every 10 seconds: 36..50% chance to raise the accuracy of great notes for 2.0..5.5 seconds.
At skill level
+ Max
Leader Skill Smile Power
Raise the team's Smile by 3%.
This card
155thhighest Smile
296thhighest Pure
323rdhighest Cool
Cards of Yazawa Nico
Other cards with the skill タイマートリック
First seen on 2022-03-31, according to internal logs.
Skill activates
(listen) Go!
Home screen (during cameo appearance) (transformed) Home screen (during cameo appearance) (level maxed) Home screen (during cameo appearance) (kizuna maxed) Home screen (during cameo appearance) (kizuna + level max)
(listen) Hey! What do you think you're doing, leaving me all alone?
After live cleared
(listen) How's my dancing? Great, right?
After live failure
(listen) How regrettable...
After live begins
(listen) All right, let's go!
Gaining kizuna
(listen) Thanks!
Hitting max kizuna (kizuna maxed)
(listen) Don't look away from me.
Any time (transformed)
(listen) With just a little bit of Nico-Nico-Ni, I can win over everyone's hearts.
Any time (kizuna maxed)
(listen) Reach the top of the school idols, I know I can make it!
When date is 3-1 to 5-31
(listen) It's spring! Doesn't it make you more sleepy?
When date is 6-1 to 8-31
(listen) So hot! ...Are you looking forward to seeing me in a swimsuit?
When date is 9-1 to 11-30
(listen) Fall is mine! What? I just wanted to see how it would sound!
When date is 12-1 to 2-29
(listen) S-So cold! I wouldn't be surprised if it snowed!
When date is 6-9
(listen) Happy b-day, Nozomi. It's weird how we see each other every day, but for some reason this is making me blush.
When date is 7-7
(listen) What was your Tanabata wish? Lemme see what you wrote. Come on, show me real quick!
When date is 7-22
(listen) Today's my birthday! Okay, everyone with me... Nico-Nico-Ni!
When date is 8-3
(listen) This present is a secret surprise for Honoka, okay? Today's her birthday.
When date is 9-21
(listen) The Tale of Princess Kaguya says she returns to the moon when it's full. That could be me!
When date is 9-12
(listen) Kotori's birthday party's today. Let's throw her a party that's every bit as cute as she is!
When date is 10-21
(listen) Nozomi and I decorated the birthday cake that Kotori baked. I wonder if Eli will like it.
When date is 10-31
(listen) Halloween, yay! I'm so cute, people will be falling all over themselves trying to give me candy.
When date is 11-1
(listen) Hey, have you seen Rin? I've gotta find her soon and wish her a happy birthday.
When date is 12-25
(listen) Wake up, wake up! You'll miss Santa if you fall asleep!
When date is 12-31
(listen) Another spectacular year for me. I'm gonna shine even brighter next year, though!
When date is 1-1
(listen) Happy New Year. I hope we have another good one. Hey, you wanna go to a shrine now?
When date is 1-17
(listen) Hanayo Koizumi, happy birthday. I've got great expectations for your school idol career!
When date is 2-3
(listen) I know it's Setsubun today, but why has Nozomi got a fish and some leaves on her head!?
When date is 2-14
(listen) Today is Valentine's Day. I'm waiting for love-filled chocolates from everyone.
When date is 3-3
(listen) Put away the Hina dolls as soon as the festival is over. If you're late... it's all bad.
When date is 3-14
(listen) Today's White Day! I'm waiting for love-infused candy from everyone.
When date is 3-15
(listen) Umi-Umi-Uuu! Today is Umi's birthday!
When date is 4-19
(listen) Happy birthday, Maki! μ's is the best because our songs are the best. I'm so thankful.
When date is 5-5
(listen) Children's Day? Not interested. Hey, don't give me that look!
When date is 7-7
(listen) May the Nico Nico Smile's galaxy-grade cuteness reach the farthest corners of the universe.
When date is 7-22
(listen) A-A birthday present? For me? Yay, I'm so happy!
When date is 8-3
(listen) Today's one of the few days when I'm not the center of attention. You are! Happy birthday, Honoka!
When date is 9-12
(listen) Kotori, your birthday is your big chance to show off just how cute you are to everyone!
When date is 9-21
(listen) Sadly, I can't return to the moon. I must bring love and joy to my audience here on earth.
When date is 10-21
(listen) Happy birthday, Eli. I'm so grateful I have you. You always get me. I don't even have to utter a word.
When date is 10-31
(listen) Eek! I'm just a fragile, delicate little flower. All these monsters are so scary, I can't take it!
When date is 11-1
(listen) Happy b-day, Rin! Kotori and I picked out a skirt that's just perfect for you!
When date is 12-25
(listen) Merry Christmas! I shine brightest of all on this holiest of nights.
When date is 12-31
(listen) Can you believe it's New Year's Eve? Did you have fun spending time with me this year?
When date is 1-1
(listen) Happy New Year! We've gotta go on our first shrine visit of the year so I can spread my Nico Nico cuteness!
When date is 1-17
(listen) Guess what day it is! You'd better know that it's the birthday of one Hanayo Koizumi, the source of μ's hope!
When date is 2-3
(listen) Even some of the demons might be fans of mine. I'm always seeking out new possibilities.
When date is 2-14
(listen) Normally I'm the one getting the chocolates. But if I feel like it, I'll give some to you.
When date is 3-3
(listen) As you'd expect, I'm the star of the Hina festival...but my adorable little sisters might be the real stars!
When date is 3-14
(listen) A White Day gift? I appreciate it, but no thanks. I gave you a gift on Valentine's Day because I wanted to.
When date is 3-15
(listen) I got Umi a folding fan for her birthday. When she does traditional dance, she floats like a flower petal!
On your birthday
(listen) Happy birthday! I'm gonna sing a special birthday song to you!