1860 1990 3650
HP: 3
Max level: 60 (40) Max kizuna bonus: 200 (100) XP to max level: 13500 Sale price: 123120G
1 -
+ 40 60
Total Charm
Every 20 notes: 36..50% chance to add 220..420 score points.
At skill level
+ Max
Leader Skill Cool Power
Raise the team's Cool by 3%.
This card
321sthighest Smile
315thhighest Pure
184thhighest Cool
Cards of Kazuno Sarah
Rare Super Rare Super-Super Rare
Other cards with the skill トータルチャーム
First seen on 2019-11-18, according to internal logs.
Skill activates
(listen) Nice one!
Home screen (during cameo appearance) (untransformed) Home screen (during cameo appearance) (transformed) Home screen (during cameo appearance) (level maxed)
(listen) I don't want our dream to end unachieved. We're working furiously to make it come true.
Home screen (during cameo appearance) (kizuna maxed) Home screen (during cameo appearance) (kizuna + level max)
(listen) We won't let Aqours win. In the end, Saint Snow will be the ones standing tall!
After live cleared
(listen) I think that went really well.
After live failure
(listen) We'll practice harder. Next time, we'll win for sure!
After live begins
(listen) Let's make this a great Live Show!
Gaining kizuna
(listen) I feel like there's no limit to what Leah and I can do as long as we've got each other.
Hitting max kizuna (kizuna maxed)
(listen) I got this far by trusting in Leah. I'm going to keep putting my faith in her as we continue our journey.
After transforming (transformed) Any time (transformed) Any time (level maxed) Any time (kizuna maxed) Any time (kizuna + level max)
(listen) What was your dream when you were little? Mine hasn't changed. I've always wanted to be a school idol!
When touched
(listen) Do you need something?
When touched
(listen) If you don't speak up, don't blame me for what happens.
Any time
(listen) Dreams are called dreams precisely because they aren't achieved easily.
Any time
(listen) Leah and I have been aiming to win Love Live since we started Saint Snow. That goal hasn't changed.
Any time (untransformed)
(listen) Saint Snow isn't just another group of cute school idols. We want to be the coolest idols around.
Any time (kizuna maxed) Any time (kizuna + level max)
(listen) There's an infinite number of stars out there. We'll do whatever it takes to be part of the chosen few.
When date is 1-1 to 12-31
(listen) Let's put on a great show.